Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break at Palo Duro Canyon State Park

We went to Palo Duro this year for spring break. It is located in West Texas, about ten hours north of Corpus Christi. It felt like it took forever to get there and back, but I am glad that we went. It was pretty and we all had a good time. 
We left around noon on Friday, and drove to San Antonio to pick up our RV rental at Lackland Air force base. It was the same trailer we rented last year, and was really nice and clean inside. We spent the rest of the day driving towards Canyon, Texas. We arrived at Palo Duro around noon the next day.  After setting up camp, we had a little party for Sophia. It was her fourth birthday! She was so excited, she kept telling us that overnight she grew taller and could run faster. I love her. We opened a couple of presents and ate chocolate cake.
My mom bought her this minky couture blanket. She loves it and has taken it everywhere.

I think she looks so cute in the picture!

The next day, we went on a one mile hike along the river.

She kids did pretty well for about 1/2 mile then decided they were done. It was a struggle to get them back to the trailhead.

We brought Maui camping with us. She was really good.

Jonny's favorite thing to do was climb everything. The problem was, Sophia wanted to follow him up and usually got stuck.

He also thought he could cross every log. I cannot believe he never fell in.

We took our jeep up there. Jonny was complaining here about the heat.

We took a trip to Amarillo, while we were there to see the Cadillac Ranch. The Cadillac ranch is some random cars, buried in a field that you can spray paint. It was different and interesting to see. 

I wasn't very impressed with the city of Amarillo, and have no desire to return. Oly also took us to a off-roading park, and we drove the jeep around for awhile. I couldn't take the bumps for every long though, being 32 weeks pregnant.  

Jonny and Sophia both picked out one souvenir. Jonny really wanted this raccoon skin hat. I tried to persuade him to pick something else, but his heart was set on it. When we got back to our camp, Oly helped him design a outfit to wear with it. The people camped next to us were quite entertained, watching him hunt for his stuffed animals.

Sophia picked this stuffed animal skunk. She enjoyed going around pretending that it was spraying everything. 

My favorite hike we went on was called the Lighthouse. We actually rode our bikes on it, and made much better time, than our previous hike. I walked my bike up most of the hills and tried to take it easy. I still got a lot of stares from people, they must have thought I was crazy biking while I was so pregnant. 

This is looking out over some of the Canyon.

There were about five river crossings along the roads. 

It took us about two days to drive back again. We are now back home, and now I am trying to go through about five loadsof laundry strained with red dirt.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Charro Days

This is the first year that Oly has been able to celebrate Charro Days with his family. Unfortunately, for the last couple of years the celebration fell on his drill weekend. It was really nice to be there with him this year. We all had a great time, and the kids loved dressing up with their cousins.  
We walked through a field of about 50 horses, getting ready for the parade. The Charro cowboys, teach these horses how to dance, it is so fun to watch.

Aren't they all so cute? 

Sophia and Jonny watching the parade. Towards the end it started to rain, so we didn't get to see it all.

The cutest Charro there.

Sophia begged for cotton candy, and Oly took her to get some. She told everyone that she has always wanted to taste it, but every time I tell her no. Haha.

We spent the rest of the weekend at Oly's parents house. It was nice to visit with them, and eat all of the delicious food! I think I came home five pounds heavier.

Last night, Jonny lost his front tooth. He looks so cute!!!! I can't believe how big he is getting.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines 2015

Valentines Day was great this year. Jonny and Sophia had fun school celebrations and we spent the weekend in San Antonio.
Sophia had a cute little party with her joy school friends. She was really looking forward to the party, helped me make valentines for her friends and decorated a cute little box to keep them in.

I made her cute little skirt for Valentines. It wasn't to difficult to make, hopefully I will find some time soon to make her a couple more.

Jonny and I made this lego Valentine box together. It was kind of a Pinterest fail, and a lot of people couldn't figure out what it was. But he thought it was cool, and that is all that mattered. 

There is a picture of them on Valentines Day. We spent the weekend in San Antonio, and Oly's Tia Vicky watched the kids for us one evening so we could celebrate together. We went to the riverwalk and ate at a little Italian restaurant named Pisanos. It was so nice to get away and spend some time together.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Visiting my family in Utah and a quick trip to San Antonio

On Christmas day, we caught a late flight to Utah. We were all so excited to see everyone! One of Sophia's highlights was seeing snow. She could not remember ever being in it, and said she was going to eat as much as she could. The next day, she ran into our backyard and shoved handfuls of snow into her mouth. She was pretty excited about it, until Jonny started to throw snowballs at her face. She realized it could be COLD!

Chelsea went out and played with them both.

I like this picture!

We went tubbing in Park City. We picked up Marco on the way up. Everyone had a great time. Morgan and I could not join the group on account of us being pregnant, but had fun walking around the outlet stores.
We visited my Grandma Jeanne a couple of times while we were there. We love her! We also visited my Grandpa Hatch, but I forgot my camera! 

We hit some of our favorite places to eat including Crown Burger, Cutlers, Kneaders and Cafe Rio. We also went to the Salt Lake Temple one evening.  

My sisters organized a little baby shower for me at Marie Calendars. It was sooo much fun, and the little man got some cute stuff. 

Only left Utah a couple of days before us, for his annual two week training for the military in San Antonio. We flew in a couple of days later and spent a couple of days there with him before heading home to Corpus.

We visited the Witte museum, and the kids had a great time...

The next day, we hung out at the mall. Our stops included the tot lot, the Disney and Lego stores.

I took this picture of Oly and Jonny playing the Jurassic Park dinosaur game. Jonny is totally obsessed with it.

Christmas Eve and Morning

We spent Christmas Eve with Oly's parents in Brownsville. I asked to make the dessert and made these little babies...
Thank you Pinterest.

Cheesecake is always a hit there...

The dinner was so delicious.

Ollie's brother Luis, and his cousins Juan, sara and Josue were also there. 

Poor Jonny really sprained his ankle on the trampoline. He couldn't walk on it at all, and I took him to the ER on Christmas Eve to make sure nothing was broken. While we were there, Santa Clause visited him and dropped off a present. He was pretty excited.

Our family on Christmas Eve. I love Sophia in this picture.

Christmas morning. Our kids were SO excited this year.

This little beanie baby was Sophia's favorite present.

Jonny broke open the legos as soon as he unwrapped them.

Santa made this adorable dollhouse!

Our pancake breakfast.

All of the toys enjoyed playing in the doll house.