Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One year ago...

It has been exactly one year now, since I delivered my daughter Grace into the world stillborn. I was such a exhausting day, both physically and emotionally. A day that I would not want live again. I feel like I am able to think and talk about her now without feeling devastated. Whenever I am around my friends, who had baby girls due around the same time Grace was, I can't help feel a little bit jealous. I know that I might get the chance one day to raise her, but it is a hard thing to comprehend. I think the biggest thing I learned from this experience, is that we really don't have that much control. Sometimes, things happen in life. We might not understand the reason why, but we have to have faith that God does. It is comforting to know that in the end everything will be right and fair.

So until we meet again, my little angel. I love you.

Friday, December 5, 2014


About a week ago, we pulled out our tree and put up the decorations. Jonny and Sophia were so excited. I just love Christmas time. 

I want to freeze these little guys, Christmas is so much fun with them. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving in Brownsville

We spent Thanksgiving weekend at Ol'y parent's house in Brownsville. Everyone, except Marco, were able to get together to celebrate the holiday. We had a lot of fun talking, playing board games. shopping and playing at the park. Oly's family eats later than my family. By the time dinner was ready, I was more than ready to eat.

Tzael and Levi dressed up like Mariachi's, and sang us a song after dinner.

Of course Jonny and Sophia wanted part in the dressing up.

Sophia loves singing and dancing.

I really hate pictures of myself, but need some kind of documentation that I am around.
Behind Oly's parent's house, there is a big park. They have been building a new skate park, and it is finally finished. The kids and their dads were in heaven.

They really had the time of their lives.

Here is a picture of my four month preggo belly. The shirt makes me look even bigger than I really am. 

They all try to outdo each other with tricks.

I love Jonny's eyes in this pic.

Oly, yeah he's cool.

This is the typical scene.

My nephew Santi, who is Sophia's age.

Jonny's Thanksgiving Break and Cute Alpacas

Jonny had a week off for Thanksgiving break. We love having him home with us. He and Sophia have so much fun together. For playgroup, we went with some friends to a Alpaca farm out in Sinton, Texas. Sinton is about an hour from our house, way out in the countryside. It was such a nice day. We fed the Alpaca's, and then relaxed under the shade of a big tree. The farm had a lot of land for the kids to run around on, trees to climb and we had a fun group of people to talk with. 
Here are a couple pictures from our day.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gender Reveal

Today, I had a ultrasound and we found out that we are going to be having another little boy. I thought it would be fun to have a gender reveal cake with the kids...
I explained to them that once we cut the cake, there would be either blue or pink frosting and what the colors meant. They were pretty excited. To be honest, much of the excitement was about getting to eat a piece of cake.

The cake was cut, and the blue frosting was revealed!

Jonny realized right away what that we were having a boy and was super happy.

Sophia was confused at first and this was her reaction when she found out the news. I didn't realize she was so set on having a sister!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time to tell the news

So, I am 14 weeks pregnant. I wanted to try for another child, but this baby came as a surprise. My due date is May 14th, the same month Oly finished school and we are supposed to move across the country again. The timing is not the best :) This pregnancy has a been a little scary for me, my OB tells me she thinks I have post traumatic stress disorder. Which, to some degree might be true. I absolutely dread doctor appointments. My last appointment scared me to death. They could not find the heartbeat, and sent me to another office to get an ultrasound. I had to wait in the waiting room for a half hour, thinking the worst. 
So far everything is going great with the baby. He/She is measuring a little big, which is typical for me... and I am now past the nausea/exhaustion stage. I have another appointment in a couple of weeks with a specialist to look at the umbilical cord and placenta. I making Oly come with me to that one. :) Anyways, that is my big news. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I am finally getting around to posting our Halloween pictures. We carved pumpkins a couple of days before Halloween. The kids liked it, but to be honest it wasn't that much fun for me. The mosquitoes were swarming outside, pumpkin seeds were flying all over the house and Sophia was really sick. But regardless, the pumpkins still looked pretty cool.

On Halloween night, we spent it with some friends from church. They had a group of us over for a Halloween themed dinner, and we truck or treated around their neighborhood.

Jonny was a ninja this year. This year, I learned my lesson and waited until right before Halloween to buy his costume. Last year, after making his costume, he changed his mind three times and ended up creating his own lol.

Sophia wanted to be Elsa. I was very happy about her choice, since we already had the dress in our dress up clothes.

Sophia really wanted me to dress up like Anna, from Frozen. I used my limited sewing skills to throw together this costume, which I was pretty happy with.

Here is a picture of all of the kids, ready to go trick or treating.

Our family.

Oly made this Ghillie suit himself. He didn't realize when he started to make it, how labor intensive it actually was. He spend many nights piecing together this costume. It turned out awesome, though. He scared many small children.

Sophia was so cute this year. She loved tick or treating!

Jonny also had a blast.