Saturday, May 23, 2015

He is here!!!

My little man finally made his appearance May 12, 2015. He weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces and was 21 1/2" long. He came out with a dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. It is hard to tell right now if they are going to stay blue, or turn brown. I think that he resembles Sophia a lot, but at the same time has his own look. 
I was almost 40 weeks pregnant when he was born (my due date was May 14th.) I never thought I would be pregnant with him for as long as I was. I had both Jonny and Sophia at 38 weeks, so those last two weeks dragged on for me. I was having contractions on and off during that time period, and even went to the hospital once, only to be turned away for not progressing. On May 11th, I was having contractions all day but didn't take them too serious. That night, they started to get more intense and about five minutes apart. I told Oly that is was once again time to go to labor and delivery, and we headed towards the hospital. Oly's mom had come up a couple of days prior, to help me out and was able to stay with Jonny and Sophia. When we arrived at the hospital they checked me and I was only dilated to a three. They decided to keep me overnight for observation, because I was so close to my due date. Oly really wanted to just go home at that point, thinking it was another false alarm. I had a feeling that is was the real deal though, and we stayed overnight. I had contractions all night, and they were very painful but about 5-8 minutes apart. When they checked me in the morning the nurse was surprised to see that I had already dilated to 6cm. For the next six hours I was on the edge of loosing my mind with how painful my contractions were. I really was trying to have a natural birth without the epidural. I had back pain for six months after my last epidural with Sophia, and I didn't want to go through all of that again. My doctor showed up at about 11am and told me that she was going to break my water, and that my contractions were going to get about twice as painful and closer together. I knew that I could not handle contractions twice as painful as what I was experiencing, and asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in to give me the epidural. Right after he left the room, my blood pressure rapidly dropped and I passed out. Oly was pretty scared. When I woke up, I had no idea where I was. It was the weirdest feeling. I also felt like I could not breath. They quickly injected my IV with something and gave me oxygen, and I instantly felt much better. After getting the epidural, labor went much smoother and at 1:30pm my little angel was born. 

Later in the day, Oly's mom brought Jonny and Sophia over to meet Jack.  

Sophia was very very excited.

Jonny was adorable with him.

The shirt Oly is wearing is not an ordinary shirt. It has been dubbed the birthing shirt. He was wearing the shirt the night Jonny was born and two years later, by coincidence, was wearing it the night Sophia was born. So after discovering this, he saved it to wear with Jack. 

I just love his little face.

Ollie's dad drove up to meet Jack last weekend. 

Oly with his parents. They were so much help!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Maternity Photo Shoot

I am now 36 weeks pregnant, and even though I am feeling about the size of Texas, I wanted to take some maternity pictures. This will probably be my last time being pregnant, and I have never really ever had any nice pictures taken while being preggo. We drove a couple of miles outside of Corpus Christi, to a place called Chapman's Ranch and Oly took these shots with my camera...    

Even though I cringe when I see how large I am, I think he did a really good job. I couldn't resist taking a couple of these two while we were there.

I love how they turned out. The fields are so pretty and green this time of year. 

I am getting pretty excited to meet our baby. I think we are going to name him Jack Olivert Garcia. I am really curious to see what he is going to look like. I can't imagine him not having blonde hair with blue eyes, like my other two. At the same time, I know the odds are that he might be darker. 
I have started to have prodromal labor again, which is basically early labor. I had it with Sophia for about two weeks before I went into actual labor, and was sent home from the hospital twice. By the time I went in the third time, I was dilated to a seven and had her very soon after. I have learned my lesson from her delivery, and don't plan on going into the hospital until my contractions are pretty intense. Thankfully, the hospital is only about 15 minutes from our house. So, for now I am trying to take it easy, relax though my contractions and waiting for the right time to go in.


This little guy has lost both of his front teeth. I think he looks so cute with his huge gapped smile. He has now lost all four bottom and top teeth, and has been getting two dollars a tooth from the tooth fairy. He likes to save his tooth money and check out local garage sales. He discovered that his money goes a lot further there than at a toy store. The other day, he found a huge lego set for $1.00! Ever since that purchase, he has wanted to go out every Saturday morning. Corpus Christi is the city for garage sales, it seems like on almost every street someone is putting one on. I have fun taking him out, and watching him pay people from his little stash of money. 

Nine years

On March 31st, we celebrated nine years together. I love my husband and so grateful to be married to such a awesome guy. He always puts me and the kids first, and tries his best at everything. 
Oly's mom happened to be in town, the weekend we celebrated our anniversary. It was nice having her here to babysit Jonny and Sophia. While we went to dinner and a play, while she took them out to do something fun.

We went to see Willy Wonka at the Harbor playhouse. We had a great time. I was worried I would be uncomfortable sitting through the whole show (being so pregnant) but found a nice little couch in the back to lounge on.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


My kids went to several fun Easter parties this year. One of my friends Shelly hosted most of them at her house and the kids loved it.
There was an egg hunt for Joy School.

And an after school candy making/egg dying party for the older kids. Jonny was really into the candy  making. He inherited my sweet tooth.

The kids both got easter baskets, filled with candy and a couple of small toys. I also got them some much needed new church clothes.  

They are the cutest.

Sophia's fourth birthday party

Sophia really wanted a Tinkerbell birthday party this year. I didn't want a huge party, because of everything that is going on right now (having baby, moving, packing etc) but wanted to celebrate. I invited a couple of her friends over for a little get together, while all the older kids were at school. 

I think it turned out cute, and she felt really special.

Her cousin Jean Carlo came, and was one of the only boys there. All of the girls got fairy wings and wands, and he got to be the cutest little pirate.

She was really looking forward to blowing out her candles.

She opened her gifts really, really fast. I didn't even get time to see they were from. 
Sophia is at such a fun age, I wish I could freeze her right now for a couple of years. She is smart, caring, funny and tells everyone that I am her best friend. I am so grateful I am her mom.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break at Palo Duro Canyon State Park

We went to Palo Duro this year for spring break. It is located in West Texas, about ten hours north of Corpus Christi. It felt like it took forever to get there and back, but I am glad that we went. It was pretty and we all had a good time. 
We left around noon on Friday, and drove to San Antonio to pick up our RV rental at Lackland Air force base. It was the same trailer we rented last year, and was really nice and clean inside. We spent the rest of the day driving towards Canyon, Texas. We arrived at Palo Duro around noon the next day.  After setting up camp, we had a little party for Sophia. It was her fourth birthday! She was so excited, she kept telling us that overnight she grew taller and could run faster. I love her. We opened a couple of presents and ate chocolate cake.
My mom bought her this minky couture blanket. She loves it and has taken it everywhere.

I think she looks so cute in the picture!

The next day, we went on a one mile hike along the river.

She kids did pretty well for about 1/2 mile then decided they were done. It was a struggle to get them back to the trailhead.

We brought Maui camping with us. She was really good.

Jonny's favorite thing to do was climb everything. The problem was, Sophia wanted to follow him up and usually got stuck.

He also thought he could cross every log. I cannot believe he never fell in.

We took our jeep up there. Jonny was complaining here about the heat.

We took a trip to Amarillo, while we were there to see the Cadillac Ranch. The Cadillac ranch is some random cars, buried in a field that you can spray paint. It was different and interesting to see. 

I wasn't very impressed with the city of Amarillo, and have no desire to return. Oly also took us to a off-roading park, and we drove the jeep around for awhile. I couldn't take the bumps for every long though, being 32 weeks pregnant.  

Jonny and Sophia both picked out one souvenir. Jonny really wanted this raccoon skin hat. I tried to persuade him to pick something else, but his heart was set on it. When we got back to our camp, Oly helped him design a outfit to wear with it. The people camped next to us were quite entertained, watching him hunt for his stuffed animals.

Sophia picked this stuffed animal skunk. She enjoyed going around pretending that it was spraying everything. 

My favorite hike we went on was called the Lighthouse. We actually rode our bikes on it, and made much better time, than our previous hike. I walked my bike up most of the hills and tried to take it easy. I still got a lot of stares from people, they must have thought I was crazy biking while I was so pregnant. 

This is looking out over some of the Canyon.

There were about five river crossings along the roads. 

It took us about two days to drive back again. We are now back home, and now I am trying to go through about five loadsof laundry strained with red dirt.