Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Highlights of October

For some reason, I feel like this month has been insanely busy. I have not been able to find any time to write any posts. I also have been neglecting my photography. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures with my iPhone, and thought I should make a little post about them.
South Texas has amazing fall weather. I am really enjoying the low humidity and sunshine. Last week, Oly ditched his classes and we went Kayaking. It was such a beautiful day. We Kayaked around some old Navy ship docks, and went though some pretty cool caverns. We were also super excited when about seven dolphins decided to swim around the kayaks. They were pretty curious about us and followed us for about 15 minutes. Sophia was in heaven. 

Sophia's joy school had a field trip to the fire station for the letter "F." The kids were all pretty excited. 

We went to our first Halloween party last weekend. This is a picture of Jonny and Sophia with their cousins Levi and Tzael. 

We also decorated monster sugar cookies. Sophia really liked putting the eyes on, as you can see.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jonny Boy

So... I have been pretty stressed about Jonny this last month. I am talking losing sleep, constant worrying kind of stress. I hesitate to put anything on the blog about this, because I feel like nobody truly understands the whole situation, and people are quick to judge and tell your what you should be doing. Anyways,  I mentioned in a previous post that I made the decision to let Jonny take kindergarten again this year. He attended the first half of kindergarten in Virginia Beach, and when we moved to Texas he was supposed to transition into a full day program. I didn't feel like he was ready for full-day, and decided that because his birthday is days away from the cut off, he might do better being the oldest instead of the youngest in his grade. 
So this summer, I was getting ready for Jonny and myself ready for him to start kindergarten. I was kind of bummer out about the mandatory attendance laws in Texas. They send you to court if your student misses school... crazy. I also found out Oly had a different school schedule than Jonny, and some of the trips we wanted to go on would not be happening. I then remembered that kindergarten was not mandatory, and started to play with the idea of possibly homeschooling Jonny this year. I met a lot of really cool people in the DC area that homeschool their kids, and the idea became even more appealing to me. I was still not 100% convinced that homeschooling was the right thing for us, though. We arrived in Texas, and school started without us. I decided to try homeschooling for a couple of weeks, and reevaluate my decision.
I got a lot of feedback about this decision from friends and family, some positive and others negative. I decided to go ahead and try it, regardless, and I have to say I am am quite a fan of homeschooling. Oly would wake up early with Jonny, and for about 45 minutes each morning they would study math together. (It is both of their favorite subject.) Later, we would spend about 1 1/2 on reading and writing. I liked it because at about 11 o'clock, he would be done with school. The rest of his day was open to explore and play. I knew that in a classroom of 20 students he would not be receiving one on one attention, with a curriculum catered to his needs.
The only down side to the homeschooling situation, for us was the social aspect. All of his friends were in public school, and he felt out of place. He noticed that he was usually the oldest kid wherever we went, and it bothered him. This is the main reason that I decided to enroll him in school. I wanted him to play with kids his own age, and be able to take Sophia to preschool aged activities with her friends. It was a really hard decision for me to make. He has been in school for about two weeks now, and he is having a great time. I still work with him when he gets home, and I think it is the best thing for him. Here is a picture I took of him on his first day...    

Thursday, September 11, 2014

First day of joy school

Sophia is doing Joy School this year. She goes once a week on Wednesday's from 10-12. We have a  group of five moms, and we rotate teaching. She was a little nervous for the first day, until she realized that she recognized my friend's house. I am glad that she will be able to together with kids her own age and learn/play. It seems like she usually finds herself in situations where she is both the youngest and only girl.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Jonny's sixth birthday party

The weekend after arriving in Texas we had Jonny's sixth birthday party. He told me last year, that he was done with birthdays and wanted to remain five years old forever. As the time grew close to becoming six, he changed his mind. The thought of having a lego birthday party thrilled him, and he decided it was worth getting older. It has been a summer long on intense lego play, and was a perfect theme for him.

Here is a copy of the invitations we mailed out. He created the number six, put on his best shirt and did his hair for the picture lol.

I searched pinterest for decorating ideas and found these cute little lego crayon molds. They were fun to make, but I am not sure they were worth the effort...

Oly made this number six. (Did I mention that Oly is just as obsessed with legos??)

Guess the number of Lego game...

The set up..

Sugar cookies (trying to resemble lego blocks)

We had fruit, Veggies and pizza. I go the easy route.

Jonny's cake and cupcakes.

Lego blocks.... 

Jonny was at his cousins house, while we got ready for the party. When he arrived, there were already quite a few people waiting for him. He walked in wide eyed,  gave me a hug and told me "You're the best." He is at such a sweet age.

Blowing out his candles.

Jonny's aunts and uncles.

We gave the kids little lego car sets to put together...

After they were together we had a couple of races.

Oly made this cute lego man cutout. I managed to get most of the kids to pose for a pic.

Oly's mom had a lego piñata made for the party. It turned out awesome.

The piñata is always the funnest party of the party.



Jonny had a great time. His smile makes all of the preparation and planning worth it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Jonny turned six years old! I made this little collage to show him how much he has changed over the years,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Goodbye Virginia

After two tremendously long day of driving, we finally arrived late Saturday night in Corpus Christi. I am always so exhausted after driving halfway across the country, cleaning and unpacking. I am still not all the way unpacked and feeling pretty exhausted. Jonny and Sophia were awesome on the road trip, which made the whole thing much more tolerable. As we were getting ready to drive away from our little townhouse, I realized that I have never taken a picture of it. We have spent the last two summers in this little apartment complex, and I wanted to remember what it looked like....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thinking about packing...

I realize that in two days, I need to have packed, cleaned and ready to go. I have gotten my suitcase out, and thought about all of the million things that have to be done before we leave. You know that feeling like there is just to much to do, and you don't know where to start. Well, I am feeling that today and procrastinating the inevitable. You would think I would be an expert by now in the art of moving....  
Instead of starting, I am drinking my soda, checking pointless social media, listening to Jonny play with our dog downstairs and letting Sophia take a little nap. I am going to miss the beauty of Virginia, the new friends we made in our short time here and the many adventures we have had this summer. I am also very excited to go back to our own house, yard and Texas lifestyle. 
Wish me luck. The drive never gets shorter or less insane.